Local Heroes of the Realms

The main characters played by regular members of the LFR Oxford group. For players with large numbers of characters, only their characters of 4th level and above are listed here. If details of your character are absent or incorrect, please email the webmeister.

Characters by Character Name
Althaeus (6) Aramil (7) Ardrim (9) Autumn (6) Belryn (6)
Bill (5) Brandon (10) Celran (11) Daelparon (11) Eliazyne (10)
Faegrim (5) G10-R63 (10) Ironhand (10) Joria (4) Keppet (5)
Krash (6) Korgoth (4) Lokesh (4) Mihael (5) Musha (11)
Mushara (5) Pancya (4) Pindaar (5) Pironia (7) Praag (9)
Qhipash (11) Radiance (4) Randp (4) Rasiluss (5) Ricardo (11)
Ronedar (5) Rowan (2) Sally (11) Sam (8) Silus (2)
Sindaraliss (7) Slasher (6) Starfire (10) Summer (8) Talion (9)
Tanglar (5) Taranius (7) Terrence (10) Thoradrin (7) Thredor (4)
Tin Man (9) Tryvia (4) Valen (9)

Characters by Player Name

Characters by Level

(played by Andy W)
female Eladrin Tactical Warlord, 6th level

Anna-Maria - Retired
(played by Andy N)
female Human Protecting Paladin
9th level, Unaligned paladin of Kelemvor

(played by Dimitris)
male Eladrin Shielding Swordmage, 7th level

(played by Paul)
male Human Battle Cleric from Aglarond
9th level, Lawful Good cleric of Moradin

Aunt Sally
(played by Andy N)
female Gnome Orb Wizard, 10th level

Autumn Willow
(played by Andy N)
female Longtooth Shifter Shielding Cleric
6th level, cleric of Selûne

(played by Paul)
female Gold Dwarf Fighter from the East Rift
6th level, follower of Moradin

(played by Ed)
male Minotaur Warden, 4th level

Bling Plakheart, RIP
(played by Andrew)
male Halfling Brawny Rogue from Luruar
7th level, follower of Selûne, died in Impiltur

Brandon Cory
(played by Michael)
male Human Wand Wizard from Waterdeep
6th level, Unaligned follower of Corellon

(played by Paul)
male Half-Elf Fey Pact Warlock / Feytouched from Waterdeep, 8th level

(played by Xan)
male Tiefling Shielding Swordmage / Coronal Guard from Akanûl
11th level, Good follower of Sharess

(played by Ed)
male Elf Orb Wizard from Aglarond
10th level, follower of Oghma

(played by Ian)
male Dwarf Fighter
5th level, Lawful Good follower of Moradin

(played by Ed)
Warforged Fighter, 10th level

(played by Steve)
male Dwarf Devoted Cleric from Aglarond
8th level, Unaligned cleric of Moradin

(played by Xan)
female Deva Wrathful Invoker from Aglarond
4th level, Lawful Good invoker of Siamorphe

(played by Michael)
female Eladrin Beastmaster Ranger from Durpar
5th level, follower of Silvanus, Wolf Companion

(played by Tony)
male Human Rageblood Barbarian from Akanûl
4th level, Unaligned

(played by Mike)
male Minotaur Rageblood Barbarian, 6th level

(played by Ed)
male Deva Artificer, 4th level

(played by Dimitris)
male Deva Stalker Shaman, 5th level

Musha Musai
(played by Ian)
female Watersoul Genasi Tactical Warlord from Akanûl, 11th level

(played by Mike)
male Revenant Two-Blade Ranger, 5th level

(played by Chris M)
female Tiefling Dark Pact Warlock, 4th level

(played by Chris M)
male Shadar-Kai Wizard, 5th level

(played by Chris M)
female Earth/Fire Genasi Assault Swordmage from Akanûl, 7th level

(played by Chris M)
male Orc Avenging Paladin from Waterdeep
9th level, Unaligned paladin of Tempus

Qhipash of Clan Dustclaw
(played by Xan)
male Dragonborn Inspiring Warlord / Knight Commander from Baldur's Gate
11th level, Unaligned follower of Tempus

(played by Andy N)
female Human Devoted Cleric from Impiltur
4th level, cleric of Amaunator

(played by Steve)
male Orc Rageblood Barbarian, 4th level

(played by Ed)
male Elf Beastmaster Ranger from Cormyr
5rd level, Boar Companion named Bill

(played by Andy W)
male Tiefling Star Pact Warlock
11th level, Unaligned

Ronedar the Mad
(played by Xan)
male Shield Dwarf Infernal Pact Warlock from Narfell
5th level, Unaligned follower of Fenmarel Mestarine

(played by Graham)
male Longtooth Shifter Preserving Invoker, 2nd level

Sam Dawkins
(played by Xan)
male Human Archer Ranger from Wheloon in Cormyr
8th level, Unaligned follower of Erevan Ilesere

Silus D'Vaasa
(played by Andrew)
male Human Staff Wizard, 2nd level

(played by Graham)
male Eladrin Wand Wizard from Aglarond, 7th level

(played by Ed)
male Longtooth Shifter Two-Blade Ranger, 6th level

(played by Andy W)
female Earthsoul Genasi Shielding Swordmage from Akanûl, 10th level

(played by Andy N)
female Wood Elf Pursuing Avenger
7th level, avenger of Corellon

(played by Ian)
male Human Wrathful Invoker
9th level, Lawful Good invoker of Torm
Blessed Teardrop Tattoo of Ilmater, Blessed Golden Scroll Brand of Oghma, Mark of Malar

(played by Andy W)
male Longtooth Shifter Tempest Fighter, 5th level

(played by Ed)
male Tiefling Dark Pact Warlock from High Imaskar
7th level, Unaligned

(played by Ed)
male Earth Genasi Tactical Warlord from Akanûl
8th level, Unaligned - Blessed Teardrop Tattoo of Ilmater

(played by Dimitris)
male Dwarf Cleric from Aglarond
7th level, cleric of Kelemvor

(played by Paul)
male Human Thaneblood Barbarian from Calimshan, 4th level

Tin Man
(played by Steve)
Warforged Guardian Fighter from Akanûl
9th level, Unaligned, Spellscarred

(played by Luke)
female Wild Elf Two-Blade Ranger from Akanûl
4th level, Unaligned

(played by Andy W)
male Elf Predator Druid, 8th level

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